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Exercise for people in larger bodies. Presented by Ellen Masson AEP

Respectful collaborations supporting people in larger bodies to find movement options that suit


Centring the needs of people in larger bodies is not the default in fitness and medical industries. Movement professionals let’s elevate our practice: from using size-inclusive language, to addressing weight stigma in exercise spaces, and offering appropriate position considerations in exercise programs.

Learn about: 

  • Lived experience reflections on the impact of weight bias in exercise healthcare settings. 
  • A respectful framework to approaching movement planning. 
  • Communication that acknowledges the perspective and experience of your higher weight client. 

The presentation covers: 

  • Why individuals in larger bodies require specialised considerations in exercise physiology practice.
  • Address the impacts of weight stigma on people in larger bodies. 
  • Programming accessible, safe, and suitable exercise including specific movement considerations for people in larger bodies

Ellen Masson (they/them) is an accredited exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and strength and conditioning coach, with over 8 years of experience in the fitness industry. Ellen is deeply passionate about providing person-centred, size-inclusive care and specialises in navigating movement within the context of eating disorder recovery. Ellen is the owner of “Your Movement Space,” a small private studio space located in Kirribilli, Sydney. This is a size-inclusive, HAES-aligned space designed to help people rebuild their relationship with movement. Additionally, Ellen serves as an educator, assisting other exercise physiologists in the size-inclusive, eating disorder space. This support takes the form of mentoring, creating educational content on Instagram, and through their podcast “Into The Red Zone.”

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