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Preventing complications in type 2 diabetes. Presented by Dr Nicole Kellow, PhD, AdvAPD, CDE

This is the second of two presentations addressing the management of clients with type 2 diabetes by Dr Nicole Kellow. Nicole’s sessions are informative and practical, so we know our clients with type 2 diabetes are accessing current best practice.

Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic condition.

  • 1.8 million Australians are living with diabetes – this includes 1.3 million people who have been diagnosed and an estimated 500,000 cases of undiagnosed type 2 diabetes
  • Every five minutes someone is diagnosed with diabetes, which adds up to almost 300 people every day
  • One in four adults over the age of 25 is living with either diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Diabetes is the seventh most common cause of death by disease in Australia
  • Diabetes costs the Australian economy $14 billion every year

Dietitians are an important part of the diabetes health care team. The goal of this presentation is to give us the skills to assist in reducing the occurrence of diabetes-related complications and improve the quality of life among people with diabetes.

Nicole explains:

  • The pathophysiology of complications in type 2 diabetes (CVD, renal impairment, microvascular disease of the eyes and kidney, peripheral neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy)
  • What, when and how often to screen for complications -BGL’s, lipids, blood pressure, urine microalbumin, eyes, feet, anthropometry
  • Using the diabetes cycle of care- keeping your clients engaged
  • Diabetes burnout and assessing psychological health

Dr Nicole Kellow is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator with 20 years of clinical experience. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow and an NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow in the Monash University Department of Nutrition, Dietetics & Food, where she is investigating the impact of dietary advanced glycation end products on infertility.

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