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Metabolic and bariatric surgery nutrition Part 3, presented by Fiona Sammut, APD

Life stage management

In this third and final of the series on metabolic and bariatric surgery nutrition, Fiona discusses issues arising in longer term management and life stages which impact our management. These include excessive weight loss and malnutrition/sarcopenia, suboptimal response to therapy and reactive hypoglycaemia/late dumping.

With 80% of people who opt for metabolic and bariatric surgery nutrition in Australia being women, Fiona addresses the specific issues relating to pregnancy and menopause.

As part of our initial assessment, Fiona urges us to screen for eating disorders. Eating disorders are common (over 50% of people in higher weight bodies have an eating disorder), and often go undetected. She reassures us that opening up a conversation about eating behaviours and relationship to food with our clients is usually met with relief and an open and honest discussion on a topic that has not been mentioned before.

Fiona Sammut has 25 years’ experience as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. She started her career at Austin Health and has worked in a wide range of clinical areas in public and private services. As part of the team at Darebin Weight Loss Surgery over the last 18 years, Fiona has supported thousands of clients over their weight management journeys and has developed a vast experience of all aspects of metabolic and bariatric surgery nutrition management and gastrointestinal health. Fiona has a special interest in micronutrient management, pregnancy and disordered eating following bariatric surgery, and is very passionate about patient centred approach to client management.

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