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Food sensitive IBS: case studies. Presented by Joan Breakey, APD (retired) and Ashleigh Jones, APD

Following on from their presentation on the step-by-step management of food sensitive IBS Joan and Ashleigh present three clinical cases which demonstrate their management of IBS:

  1. Amy, a 17 yr-old nursing student who reported bad gut pain, “acid reflux” for years, yellow unformed stools. GI investigations were NAD. Amy was brought in by her mother and not keen on making any dietary changes.
  2. Louisa, a 67-year-old woman with GORD, vertigo and had a severe reaction to colonoscopy prep. Her restrictive diet of over 20 years is putting her at nutritional risk.
  3. James, a 45-year-old man who reported diarrhoea with urgency, bloating, headaches, “fuzziness” and concentration issues, vivid dreams and a history of eczema.

They describe their step-by-step management from assessment, planning and collaborating and ultimately figuring out their clients own best diets.

Joan Breakey, APD (retired) has spent forty years specialising in all food sensitivity symptoms and since 2004 she has focused on IBS. Based on her clinical and research expertise Joan created the diet detective method for food sensitivity investigation. She has written four books which can be used to apply her diet detective method.

Ashleigh Jones, APD works in both private practice and food industry and has been building her experience of people with food intolerances for almost a decade. She works closely with Joan, and co-authored “Your Diet for Your IBS”.

Both Joan and Ashleigh have firsthand experience of food sensitivity and understand the challenges and the significant role of diet.

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