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Common beliefs about nutrition and cancer. Kirsty Rowan, APD

Rates of cancer are increasing in Australia and worldwide. More people than ever are being successfully treated with conventional medicine. However, that doesn’t stop some people diagnosed with cancer looking into alternative treatments which they believe may be just as or more effective than conventional medicine.

In Kirsty’s presentation she considers some of the diet theories surrounding cancer, their evidence, and how we talk to our clients about food and cancer. In particular she explains:

  • Cancer and diet: the evidence
  • Diet theories surrounding cancer
  • Does sugar "feed" cancer?
  • Can a ketogenic diet aid in cancer treatment?
  • Are fasting diets beneficial during chemotherapy treatment?
  • Can an alkaline diet help cure cancer?
  • Can turmeric prevent cancer?
  • Common sources of diet information

Kirsty Rowan is a Senior Dietitian at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Since 2009, she has worked as an accredited practicing dietitian with a focus on cancer nutrition and, more specifically, dietary management of patients with upper gastrointestinal cancer. She works closely with the multidisciplinary team at Peter Mac, sharing a dedication for improving quality of life of cancer patients through evidence-based nutrition advice and management.

Kirsty has extensive experience in student training and staff development, leading the university clinical placement program and student seminar days at Peter Mac. Between her practice and training, Kirsty continues to advance best practice in nutritional management through her contributions to research and quality initiatives at Peter Mac.

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