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Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder- ARFID Presented by: Shawna Melbourn, Registered Dietitian

Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder, or ARFID, was introduced in the DSM-V in 2013. “Because ARFID prevalence, risk factors, and maintaining mechanisms are not known, prevailing treatment approaches are based on clinical experience rather than data.” (Thomas et al, Curr Psychiatry Rep, 2017)

Shawna has been working with clients with ARFID for many years, in her presentation she describes in detail the various treatment approaches she uses in her practice including:

  • Respect the experience of fear
  • Trans-diagnostic nutrition rehabilitation process
  • Family based treatment
  • Managing mealtime madness
  • Introducing food exposure therapy
  • Food chaining

Shawna Melbourn, Registered Dietitian Canada, has dedicated her almost 15 years of practice to supporting individuals and families that have been affected by eating disorders, disordered eating and eating challenges. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian, and an approved supervisor with the International Association with Eating Disorder Professionals (CEDRD-S).

Shawna provides training and supervision for dietitians working in the area of eating disorders. For more information see her website

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