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The role of nutrition in Parkinson’s disease. Presented by Amy Neill, APD

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive degenerative neurological disease caused by reduced dopamine levels in the brain. The rate of diagnosis of PD is increasing and estimated to be around 1 in 340 Australians. One of the challenges for dietitians is that many of the symptoms of PD impact on nutrition. The nutrition impact may be direct eg. constipation, gastroparesis, dysphagia or indirect eg. cognitive problems, fatigue, apathy.

In her presentation Amy:

  • Gives us advice regarding the nutritional management of constipation, gastroparesis and dysphagia.
  • Presents the current research findings with relation to three of the most common diets discussed with PD: Mediterranean, MIND, Ketogenic. 
  • Discusses the use of levodopa in detail. How it is digested, absorbed  and acts in the brain.
  • Outlines the use of a protein redistribution diet which some people may decide to follow if they are experiencing more frequent motor fluctuations.

Amy Neill is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who has worked in rehabilitation for 15 years. She has a special interest in Parkinson’s disease and has created a website called Parkinson Diet, which provides people with Parkinson’s and their families credible nutrition information.

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