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Metabolic and bariatric surgery nutrition Part 1: The Basics, presented by Fiona Sammut, APD

Make a cup of tea, sit down and take your time with part 1 of Metabolic and bariatric surgery nutrition. This topic is vast, spanning across three parts, and the foundational information contained in part one offers a rich two hours of Continuing Professional Development.

Fiona Sammut provides the fundamentals in understanding the stigma and difficulty living with a larger weight. She talks about the frustration, guilt, shame and trauma associated with trying to lose weight and why people may opt for surgery. Crucially she emphasizes the importance of setting realistic expectations for surgery outcomes and the critical role of nutrition both before the surgery and during the initial six weeks following the operation.

Learn about:

  • Why people seek treatment
  • Options available and outcomes
  • Supporting patients through conversations about treatments
  • Types of metabolic and bariatric surgeries performed in Australia
  • Updated guidelines on indications for surgery
  • Realistic expectations of outcomes from surgery
  • Nutritional Management of the bariatric surgical patient:Basic pre-operative nutritional assessment
    • Preparation for surgery, goal setting and realistic expectations
    • Pre-op diet guidelines
    • Basic post op diet and eating behaviour guidelines
    • Immediate post-operative nutrition care

Fiona Sammut has 25 years’ experience as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. She started her career at Austin Health and has worked in a wide range of clinical areas in public and private services. As part of the team at Darebin Weight Loss Surgery  over the last 18 years, Fiona has supported thousands of clients over their weight management journeys and has developed a vast experience of all aspects of metabolic and bariatric surgery nutrition management and gastrointestinal health. Fiona has a special interest in micronutrient management, pregnancy and disordered eating following bariatric surgery, and is very passionate about patient centred approach to client management.