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Fussy eating in children. Presented by Dr Amy Lovell, PhD, NZRD

Parents and carers commonly report fussy eating in children. It’s a topic that dietitians get asked about both professionally and by friends and family. Picky eating is often considered deviant behaviour by a small child when it is actually normal for them to be developing a sense of autonomy, preferring self-feeding, and exercising their own power in food selection. In her presentation Amy explained growth and development in the first 1000 days and how taste and feeding skills are developed. She describes 10 common myths regarding food and children, and provides suggestions to help in the development of healthy eating habits. Food jags are explained as a common issue with children experiencing problem eating. Amy explains the use of a food hierarchy desensitisation process and food chaining in an attempt to increase the variety of foods eaten.

Amy Lovell is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian passionate about childhood nutrition and ensuring that children have the best start to a lifetime of eating. She has recently completed her PhD at The University of Auckland which focused on the area of childhood nutrition. Amy works both at Starship Hospital in with children with cancer and as a Lecturer at the University of Auckland.

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